Vauxhall Omega B

Back in 2005, through to 2009, I ran a Vauxhall Omega B 2.5 V6. I also owned a 2.0 16 valve for a short while. I won’t go on here, about what a great car I personally think they are, but, I will share some links to various How To guides I compiled, way back when I owned the Omega.

Omega FAQs

My online forum name, was ‘Vectrolosys’. I contributed a fair amount, to the following FAQ thread.

Omega How Tos, by Vectrolosys

Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter change

Replacing the rear differential

Replacing the Omega V6 oil cooler (process is broadly similar for other applications of this engine)

Replacing the front suspension wishbones

Replacing the heater bypass valve

Cleaning the PCV breather assembly on the V6

Link to the main FAQ